runofthemillrunner3-e1498547865166.jpgHi my name is Alex Domaleski & I’ve spent the past twenty-one years stumbling through¬†life struggling with anything from fitness to finding a pair of matching socks.

But my whole world flipped upside down for the better the day I decided to embrace my mismatching socks & face my fear of athleticism head on.

From the scraped knees, the gained pounds, & all the highs and lows in-between – these are my stories. Although my recollections might be seemingly unimpressive, they are my journey in their rawest, truest form.

On my best day, I’ve conquered a rigorous hike in an exciting, noteworthy place & on my worst day, I can’t find the motivation to hit pause on my newest Netflix addiction.

So here it is, my run-of-the-mill advice on all things food, friends, and fitness.